Logo Design Prep:

  • Design brief.
    Conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client to get the design brief.
  • Research.
    Conduct research focused on the industry itself, its history, and its competitors.
  • Reference.
    Conduct research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that are related to the design brief.
  • Sketching and conceptualising.
    Develop the logo concepts around the brief and research.
  • Reflection.
    Take breaks throughout the design process. This allows your ideas to mature and lets you get renewed enthusiasm. Receive feedback.
  • Presentation.
    Choose to present only a select few logos to the client or a whole collection. Get feedback and repeat until completed.

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A photo I shot using an iPhone 5s.

Shoot date:
January 3, 2015 – 10:30am

INANE RANT - Fish sense...

How do fish know which species of fish to mate and school with?
They can’t see themselves, so, for example, how does a bluefish know it belongs in a school of bluefish?

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